Look Ma I’m not Scared of Water

Mom said that I was smelly, so this is always a good excuse to go to the dog park with water. I hate water. I hate baths. I hate wet grass. Sprinklers scare the crap outta me. I HATE WATER. So my Ma, genius that she is, has decided to break me of this fear…awesome (that was full of sarcasm if you didn’t catch it).

So off we go to the dog park and oh boy do I have a surprise for Mom! I walk right into the dog pond! (this is probably due to the fact that she threw me in last time we went).

Anywho. She is so proud and praising me and gets my ball and throws it in the water. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of taking the ball completely out of the water, I usually just drop it once I get out and it rolls back in. But hey you can only demand so much from a little dog like me. I got in the water!

Not surprising that I still hated the bath I had to take after the dog park.

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Just the usual Road Trippin!

As always this weekend included a impromptu road trip, this time with Aunt Kait. She decided to stay the night (for reasons that will not stated) and so the cuddle session, car ride and trip to grandma’s began.


As any road trip begins, a trip to Starbucks and a puppy latte (or puppyccino) for me.


I got a little car sick…Aunt Kait couldn’t handle it.

Then GRANDMA’s House!!! and sadly back home in the same day. 😦

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Ugly Dog? Yeah Right!

So my Mom and Krystal had this crazy idea to enter me into an Ugly Dog Competition at the Corner Bar and Rooftop Grill. I mean really Mom? I am not ugly! Have you seen my rockin’ blue mohawk? Obviously not! Geez!

Anyways Mom got super competitive and we won by 24 “likes” my fans really came out and supported me. I got 48 “likes.” I am officially the “Ugliest Dog”


For those of you in College Station dogs are allowed on the Rooftop of The Corner so bring the hounds!

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A Day in Austin, TX

Saturday I went to Austin with my Mom and Krystal. The day began with kayaking on the Colorado River in Austin, TX and although I don’t like water (I know, I’m working on facing my fears!) I fell in head first a couple of times. One of these times resulted in coming up with a nice pile of seaweed covering my entire head.

kayaking           titanic

After our kayking adventure we went to South Congress and got endless amounts of attention from all the streetwalkers…I think it was the blue mohawk that did it! We ate a place called Doc’s that allows pets on their patio and even has a doggie station with ice cold water for the 90+ heat.

We visited the Castle Hill Graffiti and saw a cute little Yorkie getting her picture taken and then since I was such a good boy we went to Woof Gang Bakery and got two cookies, which I devoured!

yummy cookies

To end the night we went to Zilker Park to see “Little Shop of Horrors

What else have you done in Austin?

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