Friday Pet Photo Challenge

Today I am featured in Go Pet Friendly’s Friday Pet Photo Challenge. Check it out!

Friday Pet Photo Challenge

If you know where I am at (hint: look at the past blog posts, put in a submission and see if you win!)

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Ugly Dog? Yeah Right!

So my Mom and Krystal had this crazy idea to enter me into an Ugly Dog Competition at the Corner Bar and Rooftop Grill. I mean really Mom? I am not ugly! Have you seen my rockin’ blue mohawk? Obviously not! Geez!

Anyways Mom got super competitive and we won by 24 “likes” my fans really came out and supported me. I got 48 “likes.” I am officially the “Ugliest Dog”


For those of you in College Station dogs are allowed on the Rooftop of The Corner so bring the hounds!

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