Hello! If you haven’t already figured out my name is Sebastian. I am a miniature poodle. I am two years old and was born on February 15, 2011 and my Mom adopted me on March 18, 2011.  I was sick for the first 6 months with kennel cough which convinced my Mom to never buy from a sketchy establishment, but what can she say I had her from the first time I looked at her with my big brown eyes (FYI this look still gets me whatever I want).

baby sebastian

Over the past two years we have lived in College Station while Mom finishes up school, but are constantly traveling to Austin, Houston, San Antonio, or Louisiana. So I am a traveling dog (that’s the understatement of the year).

Where does the Mohawk come from you ask? Well my Aunt Kait decided it would be a good idea to give me one. She butchered my hair so bad I couldn’t go out in public for weeks! However once the groomer fixed it, it became an extension of my rockin’ personality. I think we might stick with the color, it makes me seem badass, don’t you think?

Sebastian's Signature2


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