Tail of Love

The best thing about having a best friend with a pet is that those of us who are pet-less get to enjoy all the benefits of having a cuddly puppy around without the dirty work.  When Madi first sent some pictures of a very tiny baby Sebastian, I knew I was about to become one of those lucky best friends.

He arrived in College Station a tiny, incredibly hyper little ball of fluff.  He didn’t appear to like me very much.  But, having been given the responsibility that comes with the title “aunt”, I knew he would learn to love me.  I’d do whatever I had to do to make this tiny puppy, full of love for my best friend want to cuddle with me while we watched talked about life in her living room.

This process proved to be difficult.  I wasn’t around enough to earn the amount of love that I wanted from him.  Sebastian had standards, and with my tight schedule and his need for attention, we always seemed to be missing the mark with each other.

Things finally clicked for us in January of 2012.  I was back in Texas for one week to move all of my things home to Boise.  The decision to transfer had been made quickly and quietly and Madi had asked me to dog sit Sebastian before she knew I was leaving.  Knowing this might be my last chance to really woo Sebastian, I agreed.

After a painful few hours of packing I drove, miserable and wishing my best friend was here with me to help with the packing production, to her house and parked in front of her door.  As I slipped inside the front door, careful to make sure Sebastian wouldn’t try to escape, I saw there was no need.  Sebastian lay, with his sad, morose eyes staring back up at me, motionless on the floor.  It was as though without Madi, Sebastian knew there was no reason to get up and excited.  He missed his mom.

And I missed her too.  This was the first time Sebastian ever cuddled with me.  He made a mournful sort of barking sound, and knowing exactly how I felt, I carried him to the couch and together we sat in silence, comforted by the contact.

Madi asked for an update on how he was and I was almost scared to send her a picture, not wanting Madi to feel bad for having to be gone from us.  But I knew, from that moment on, Sebastian and I were finally friends.  My role as aunt, while it would now have to be from 2,300 miles away.

As I sit in a coffee shop, blogging (a favorite activity of Sebastian, Madi and myself) I am missing my puppy nephew and his wonderful mother.  I can’t wait for the day that the three of us can be reunited and all blog together.

Congratulations Sebastian, on your new blog!  Thank your for writing it so your fans from far away can keep up with all your new adventures.

Puppy Love,

Aunt Liz


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