Look Ma I’m not Scared of Water

Mom said that I was smelly, so this is always a good excuse to go to the dog park with water. I hate water. I hate baths. I hate wet grass. Sprinklers scare the crap outta me. I HATE WATER. So my Ma, genius that she is, has decided to break me of this fear…awesome (that was full of sarcasm if you didn’t catch it).

So off we go to the dog park and oh boy do I have a surprise for Mom! I walk right into the dog pond! (this is probably due to the fact that she threw me in last time we went).

Anywho. She is so proud and praising me and gets my ball and throws it in the water. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of taking the ball completely out of the water, I usually just drop it once I get out and it rolls back in. But hey you can only demand so much from a little dog like me. I got in the water!

Not surprising that I still hated the bath I had to take after the dog park.

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